Terms and Conditions

  • This agreement is taken into account a 1-time contract unless term commitment is mere otherwise. Termination of continual contracts once contract term needs thirty days advance written email notice.
  • Under this agreement, service begins as of the start date shown on the face of this agreement, however project begin dates should be scheduled and approved by both parties.
  • To get our services, you have to create a customer account and if you create your an account, this shows us that you agree with our Terms and conditions and also with our policies.
  • If you want IT services for your business you have to lay fully trust upon us. 
  • You have to share your personal information with us for business service purpose.
  • As we have a policy of not sharing our client data with anyone but at some stages, we need to share your data with a third party that provide services on behalf of us.
  • The use of our Services is only for your personal or business purposes. No one has the right to transfer and resell the services with anyone else.